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Cost Assumptions
Other Vendors KYC Venue
eKYC Software Cost Rs. 1,00,000 P.A. As Per Plan
eSign Cost @ Rs. 25 per transaction Rs. 100 Per Customer Nil
PAN API Cost Rs. 12,000 P.A. Nil
Document Signer Certificate (Rs. 37,000 For 2 Years) Rs. 18,500 P.A. Nil
SSL Certificate Rs. 5,000 P.A. Nil
eSign Audit by CertIn empanelled Auditor Rs. 30,000 P.A. Nil
One dedicated IT/ Operations personal managing the project @ Rs. 10,000 Per Month Rs. 1,20,000 P.A. Nil
Cost of Internet @ Rs. 5,000 Per Month Rs. 60,000 P.A. Nil
Cost of Electricity @ Rs. 3,000 Per Month Rs. 36,000 P.A. Nil
One-time Cost of Server Rs. 1,00,000 Nil
One-time Cost of MS SQL & Windows OS Rs. 1,00,000 Nil